Our trained & certified Electricians can provide a wide variety of electrical works for your home & business, from small adjustments to large-scale installations.


Homeowner, landlord or business we are able to provide both basic electrical design, installation and maintenance services but also specialist services such as Solar PV, battery storage, LED and energy efficient lighting, electrical underfloor heating, electrical heating, emergency lighting and fire alarms.


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If you have a project which requires electrical services and are looking for a professional company to design an electrical system that meets your current and future requirements, look no further.

As fully trained Electricians we have worked on a large variety of works from small and large homes, shops, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, farms and more.

During these works, we have understood the requirements of the home or business and designed and installed systems to suit the requirements of the occupier.


From small electrical additions & alterations in the home to large new build offices, we are able to provide a full suite of electrical services. We can project manage installations or work beneath a main-contractor to complete works on time and on budget.


We can provide tailored reactive and preventative maintenance to homes and businesses throughout the region. If you manage one or more properties and require a company to look after your electrical, plumbing and heating services, we can cover all your needs. We can provide annual test and inspections on fixed wiring, portable appliances, emergency lighting logs etc.

Test & Inspection

It varies how often your electrical wiring requires testing and inspecting and as a homeowner/occupier 10 years is the guideline dependent on the age and condition of the system. However, Landlords and businesses have different criteria to meet and require test & inspecting on a more regular basis.

We are up to date on current regulations and can provide a solution to meet your needs. Whether you require your wiring checking over as a one off or are looking to structure a regular plan, we can manage this for you.

Solar PV systems

Our team has helped to deliver over 5000 Solar PV systems throughout the region, generating free electricity for homes and businesses and accessing funding through the Government’s schemes to ensure the best return is achieved.

We provide a full design, installation and maintenance service. We understand that Solar PV systems are installed to reduce running costs and benefit the owner from subsidies available. It is important that a system is designed correctly to ensure optimal performance and minimize any chance of failure in the future. We are on call to answer any queries and to provide any advice we can.

Battery storage

With the UK moving into new territories of electrical consumption, there is a new movement towards the storage of electricity which in turn is going to change the way we consume electricity. Battery storage is no new revolution, however, the way we are using it is changing. We are introducing battery storage into our homes and businesses which will firstly allow us to store any excess energy generated from solar systems and also buy and store electricity at a cheaper rate during off peak times and use it when electricity is expensive to buy.

The cost of electricity continues to increase year on year and there is no better time to take control and reduce your electricity costs.

Electric vehicle charging

The UK is driving electric vehicles into the mainstream and the banning of petrol and diesel car sales from 2040 will push electric vehicles into the forefront. We are able to help select a rightly suited Charging Station for your home or business and provide a full installation service to ensure it is installed ready for your vehicles to use.

LED lighting

Energy efficient lighting choices lower utility bills and lessen the burden on nonrenewable energy sources and over the past ten years LED lighting has become the number one solution for every home and business. Whilst initially being slightly more expensive than conventional lighting, it takes no time at all to get your money back.

A conventional halogen downlight consumes 50 watts to provide the same amount of light a 5 watt LED downlight would- that is 10% of the running cost and will last far longer. If you figure out how many lights you are running you may be surprised by the amount of electricity and money you are able to save from switching over to LED.

If you are looking at a new installation then there is no question that LED is the way to go!

If you would like some information on how much money you can save or how best to apply it to your home or business then get in touch.

Intelligent lighting control

There are many ways to control your lighting at home or at work, from mobile phones to automatic sensors and timers.

We keep up to date with trends and developments to make sure we offer the best solution to meet your needs.

Smart heating controls

Smart heating controls are not only there for convenience but also save you money on your fuel costs. Depending what controls you opt for, the benefits vary from automatically adjusting controls to room by room zone controls.

Top products include:  The Nest, Hive and Evohome from Honeywell.

If you would like advice on what might suit you best then give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Underfloor heating (UFH)

We have fully trained UFH engineers that are able to specify and install an Electric UFH system to suit your requirements.

Either for primary or secondary heating in your room, we can provide installation and recommendations to match the floor covering that will go on top.