Our Plumbing & Heating engineers install a wide variety of systems, from Conventional Gas and Oil heating systems, to Air source heat pumps and more..


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Central heating

New or old, Pipe&Cable can help design, install and maintain;

Heating systems

Conventional radiators

Gas, Oil, Combi, Biomass boilers

Underfloor heating

Air source heat pumps

Heating controls



If you are looking to update your bathroom and are looking for an installer to help put your idea into practice, give us a call. We will happily visit and give advice on how to get your bathroom how you want it.



As well as servicing existing boilers, we offer an installation service for new boilers whether it be Gas, Oil or Electrical. If you have a boiler that is getting towards the end of its life we are happy to provide advice on our top range of boilers- some with 10 year warranties.


Underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating is a brilliant minimalist way to heat your home without seeing radiators and pipework. It is best done in new build houses and extensions as it can be laid before screeding your floor. However there are overlay systems that may suit you property. We will survey, assess and recommend the best solution for you.


Hot water systems

There are a variety of hot water systems on the market. Choosing the correct system comes down to your hot water needs, the amount of people in your home, the type of fuel available and your property type. Gas, Oil, Electrical and Renewables are options to make your water hot.


Water softeners

In certain areas, the water supply can be really hard which leads to a build up of lime scale in your pipework, boiler, hot water tank etc. It can shorten the life of boilers over time and create issues for your heating and hot water system. If you are thinking of installing a Water Softener please get in touch.



If you have an old heating system and your radiators are not heating up the way they used to, it may be down to sludge clogging up your system. This is from corrosion of the insides of your radiators and pipework which stops your radiators getting completely warm, it makes your home take longer to get warm and ultimately costs you more money in fuel to heat your home.

By having a Powerflush, your pipework and radiators are filled with a chemical clean and intensively pumped clear to clean out the sludge and allow the hot water to correctly circulate and warm your radiators efficiently. Ultimately meaning you save money on heating your property as your radiators can do their job properly.


Servicing and Maintenance

Every year you should have your Gas or Oil boiler serviced to adhere to standards. The Pipe&Cable team can get this completed swiftly and with minimal fuss.

We are able to manage your annual servicing also, whether you have 1 or 100 boilers, we can let you know when your boiler is needing its annual service and we will get in contact to book you in.


Breakdown call out

If you have an emergency and need a Plumbing or Heating Engineer urgently we are on hand to resolve the issue.