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Electrical Services and Solutions

At Pipe&Cable we strive to undertake a complete electrical solution for small and large projects alike, whether its Domestic or Commercial. 


Taking high pride in workmanship, reliability and professionalism, we look to approach each project with this in mind. Our engineers carry the same enthusiasm to deliver high quality solutions, whether this is maintaining, improving or complete new installations.


Please get in touch to discuss your project and how we can help you.

Our Engineers


We are NAPIT registered electricians - this means that you can trust that we are authorised to provide a wide variety of electrical works for your home and business, from small adjustments or additions in the home to large scale installations in new build offices and commercial premises.


Our fully trained, experienced engineers work with homeowners, landlords and businesses providing electrical design, installation and maintenance services. Ensuring we understand the exact needs of the customer means we design a system that meets current and future requirements.


We can provide electrical system maintenance management  for property managers and landlords which includes annual tests and inspections on fixed wiring and boiler servicing. Owner-occupied homes should have their electrical systems inspected at least every 10 years while tenanted properties and businesses are subject to more regular tests.


Contact us today on 01638 490831 for a one off inspection or test. 

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Solar Panel Systems


Solar panels


Solar panel systems feed your property with free electricity. Through a combination of government funding and savings, a solar panel system soon pays for itself, lowers your fuel costs and reduces your carbon footprint. We provide a full design, installation and maintenance service. We understand that solar panel systems are installed to reduce running costs and benefit the owner from subsidies available, so we know how important it is that a system is designed correctly to ensure optimal performance and minimize any chance of failure in the future.

Battery Storage


Battery storage


As the way we consume electricity, and the cost of it continues to rise year on year, the storage of electricity has become a big issue. While battery storage isn’t a new revolution, the way we are using it is changing. Homes and businesses are increasingly introducing battery storage for excess energy generated from solar systems. Complete off-grid solutions are also available for remote homes, barns and stables etc. If you’d like to take control of your electricity consumption and costs by installation battery storage – let us guide you through the options.

Electric Vehicle Charging


Electric vehicle charging


The UK is driving electric vehicles into the mainstream. Electric vehicles will be commonplace when petrol and diesel car sales are banned from 2040. We can help you select a suitable charging station for your home or business, and provide a full installation service. Find out more about installing an electric vehicle charging point.

LED Lighting


LED lighting


Over the last ten years, LED lighting become ubiquitous in homes and businesses. Although initially slightly more expensive than conventional lighting, on average it only takes two years for you to get your money back, but the lifespan of an LED light is nearly 10 times that of a conventional light. A conventional halogen spotlight consumes 50 watts to provide the same amount of light as a 5w LED spotlight, that’s 10% of the running costs. Calculate how many lights you are running in your home or business and you may be surprised at the amount of electricity and money you are able to save by switching over to LED lighting.  


If you are planning a house renovation, new build or self-build project – there’s no question that LED is the most efficient way to light it! For more information about how much money you can save, or how best to apply LED lighting to your home or business, get in touch.

Lighting Design


Lighting design


Redesigning your home, renovating an office, or planning a shop floor redesign? Let us help design bespoke lighting using our lighting design software. Get in touch to find out more about our lighting design service.

Intelligent Lighting Control


Intelligent lighting control


The market for intelligent lighting control now offers a multitude of ways to control the lighting at home or work, from your phone, using automatic sensors, timers or daylight dimming. Our team keeps up to date with the latest trends and technologies, meaning we can offer the best intelligent lighting control solutions for you. Find out how intelligent lighting control can work in your home or business.

Smart Heating Controls


Smart heating controls


Smart heating controls are not just convenient, they also save money on your fuel costs. Depending on the type of controls you choose, the benefits vary but include automatic adjustments dependent on when your home is occupied, to room by room zone controls. We work with a range of products including NEST, HIVE, EVOHOME from Honeywell, and many more. Get in touch for advice on what would best suit you.

Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating


We have fully trained underfloor heating (UFH) engineers that are able to specify and install an electric UFH system that suits your requirements, operating as either primary or secondary heating in your home. Our installation recommendations take into account the base floor coverings, and what is required to sit on the top. Talk to us about installing underfloor heading in your home or business.

Fire Alarms


Fire alarms


By working in partnership with one of the region's largest suppliers, we are able to offer design, installation and maintenance services for new and old fire alarm systems. If you are a property owner and require some advice, get in touch.

Emergency Lighting


Emergency lighting


If you are responsible for a commercial premise, emergency lighting is essential for providing a safe exit for staff and visitors in the event of a power failure. By working in partnership with one of the region’s largest suppliers, we are able to offer design, installation and maintenance for new and existing buildings. If you are a business owner and require some advice, get in touch.

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At the planning stage of an upcoming renovation, new-build, or self-build project? Looking for advice on how you can reduce costs by making your home or business more energy efficient? Want to discuss a boiler replacement? Our fully trained engineers can help.


Get in touch today and we will help find the right heating, plumbing, electrical or renewable solution for you.


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