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Renewable Services and Solutions

The growing impact of climate change has become an inescapable issue in recent years. With many government incentives available, there is no better time to take action and reduce your carbon footprint. 


The team at Pipe&Cable have nearly 10 years of experience within the renewable industry, and can offer a wealth of renewable technology expertise gained from solar installations which have generated masses of electricity and hot water, through to experience of installing air source heating pumps to heat homes, and biomass boilers. 


We have a passion for renewable projects, large and small, and remain committed to keeping up to date with the latest renewable technologies and solutions.

How renewable technology will affect our homes and businesses in the future


Revolutions in other industries are helping to drive the technologies in the renewable industry. For example, sales of petrol and diesel cars are due to be banned by 2040 as electric cars take over. Overnight charging of electric cars will put huge pressure on an already stretched national grid.  


Battery storage solutions will become as commonplace as boilers in our homes over the next decade as homeowners look to store electricity generated from solar panels, or take advantage of cheaper off-peak tariffs. 


Reduce the running costs of your home and business and become more energy efficient. Use our expertise to guide you through the renewable technology options, and improve your energy efficiency and control your consumption. Get in touch on 01638 490831.

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Solar Panel Systems


Solar panels


Solar panel systems feed your property with free electricity. Through a combination of government funding and savings, a solar panel system soon pays for itself, lowers your fuel costs and reduces your carbon footprint.

Pipe&Cable provide a full design, installation and maintenance service for solar panel systems. We understand that solar panel systems are installed to reduce running costs and benefit the owner from subsidies available, so we know how important it is that a system is designed correctly to ensure optimal performance and minimize any chance of failure in the future.


We have helped to deliver over 5000 solar panel systems in existing homes, new build sites, schools, offices and factories throughout Cambridgeshire. These systems generated free electricity for homes and businesses, and were able to access funding through the Government’s schemes to ensure that the best return is achieved.


If you are thinking of having a solar system installed, please get in touch.

Battery Storage


Battery storage


As the way we consume electricity, and the cost of it continues to rise year on year, the storage of electricity has become a big issue. While battery storage isn’t a new revolution, the way we are using it is changing. Homes and businesses are increasingly introducing battery storage for excess energy generated from solar systems. Complete off-grid solutions are also available for remote homes, barns and stables etc.


If you’d like to take control of your electricity consumption and costs by installing battery storage – let us guide you through the options.

Air or Ground Source Heat Pumps


Heat pump


Air or ground source heat pumps are most suitable for new build, or redeveloped, well insulated properties. They work by taking the natural heat from the outside air or ground, and converting it into heat for your home. It works best as a provider of low temperature heat in the home, so it is important that underfloor or radiator systems are designed to the correct flow temperature so that the heat can radiate effectively. It is also important that the property is well insulated otherwise the heat generated will be lost through the fabric of the building and draughts, resulting in high running costs as the pumps run on overdrive. Combined with a solar panel system, air source heat pumps can offer big savings on the running costs of the home.


If you’d like to find out more about installing an air source heat pump in your home – get in touch

Biomass Boilers


Biomass boiler


Biomass boilers can be installed in new or old properties,and replace gas or oil boilers. They create heat for hot water, radiators or underfloor heating by burning logs, woodchips, wood pellets or other forms of biomass. Like gas and oil boilers, they create a high level of heat, so adapting an existing system to work with a biomass boiler is often possible. However, as the boiler and the storage of the pellets or other biomass can take up quite a lot of space, they are often best suited to a large country property.


If you’d like to find out more about installing a biomass boiler in your property – get in touch.

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